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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flame retardant viscose or say artificial silk carpets and rugs

Have you heard of flame retardant viscose rugs and carpets? Normally viscose carpets are non flame retardant but there are some treatments which can make these rugs into flame retardant.

We are doing lots of project work where they need flamibility test report...these are passed both under British standards and American standards.

Contact us at for more details on this.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Custom bamboo silk rugs

Custom bamboo silk rugs
Custom bamboo silk rugs

Do you make bamboo silk rugs? Where can i get bamboo silk rugs in my colours? Can you make the custom rugs in our sizes?

These are the common question we receive from the client. 

Being a manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs from last so many years, we can understand these things better. A manufacturer is like Tailor...when you need any thing customised, lets say a suit...what you do? for the best fit and look you visit a tailor, and he stitches suit as per your design, and sizes.

The same is with the manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs. you tell your design, or pattern and colours and give to them and they make the same for you.

To see how these are manufactured or the way, you may visit the following link :

Its not just bamboo silk carpets and rugs, but even wool, silk, hemp, linen or any other material you need.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The rug company in india who are manufacturers of Custom Rugs and Carpets

When someone asks us ARE you one of the rug company, what does that mean?

the rug company
weaving loom of one of the rug company
This is the first question comes into the client mind, when they look for carpets and rugs, mainly custom ones. They want to check that whether they are contacting a Rug company who are producers or say manufacturers of rugs and carpet? or a supplier?

the rug company
design of one of the rug company
We have been in this business more than a decade, and are proud to say YES WE ARE THE RUG COMPANY, IN INDIA.

Yes! we are the manufacturers of handmade custom rugs and carpets...

Yes ! we are the suppliers of any kind of floor coverings including wall to wall coverings. As a rug company, we have hand-tufted, hand-knotted, hand-woven, Axminster, Printed carpets, Carpet tile etc. are the add on with the handmade carpets and rugs.

For any of your requirements, please contact us at

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rug with logo H of HERMES

I have been enquired that whether we can make rug with logo H OF popular brand HERMES like the F Of fendi rugs?

Let's see what the fendi rug looks like...

At the end you will see the fendi rug picture where the F is made in silk and ground in wool.

When they said can we put H of Hermes...I said why not? We are manufacturers and we can make whatever you need from us.

It's nice to have these kind of queries and to fulfil by providing the best custom rug in client size, colour and design.

Contact us at for more details.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sahrai Rugs in wool and silk relief

I have studied Sahrai Rugs and have find that they make mostly in wool and silk relief.

When i checked what is meant by Relief, i find that its high low effect. This mean the ground is in low pile and the design is in high pile.

Here is one example of relief, in close
wool and silk relief rug sample
wool and silk relief rug sample

The other range they make is as under :

5. ALL silk

We have studied that iin Sahrai rugs there are lots of play with the colours. But it is mostly because of high shine in silk yarn. One more example of silk relief rug with wool as base :

sahrai wool and silk relief rug
Style like sahrai rug in wool and silk relief

sahrai hand-knotted silk relief
hand-knotted like sahrai rug in wool and silk relief

If you have any clarifications regarding these kind of rugs, you are always welcome to contact us at or can also visit us at

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I need exact size custom rug for my house!!!

We regularly receive email from the clients saying that they need the custom rugs to be made in EXACT size they have given to us. 

This means that the rug should not be larger or smaller to their sizes.

exact size custom rugsHow this is possible?  Can we get the customised rug made exact to our specified sizes? Yes you can buy in that case you have to prepare inform us. Normally in case of handmade rugs the sizes varies +/- 5cms and in bigger  sizes these varies upto 10 cms or so.
Once we make the rug during finishing of the rugs and carpets we can cut the excess size to make it exact. Even in these cases we make some size big so that it doesn't get short in size.
If you wish to get the customised rugs and carpets made please contact us at where we can guide you more.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Designer handmade Jute carpets and rugs manufactured in india by skilled craftsmen

Designer Jute carpets and rugs

These are not the normal jute carpets which you can find any where and everywhere. Each section of this rug is crafted, and stitched together to make a perfect rug.

These kind of designer jute rugs can be made in any sizes you need. the lusture, look makes it look luxurious.

for more details about these kind of jute rugs which are natural and eco friendly, you may email us at

Monday, October 05, 2015



Is this what you say when you see your dream rug?

No can always have your own the design and sizes you need.

Just do the following :

1. Send the pictures of the designs you need.
2. Send the size you need 

Other than the colour issue the whole thing will be taken care by the manufacturer of the carpets and rugs.

Contact us at for more details. You may also visit us at 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Unbelievable another beautiful custom fendi rug!!!

This beautiful fendi rug is handmade in wool and artificial silk or also known as viscose made in custom size as per the client requirement.
One must note that the colour is very natural and soft making this luxurious and silky feel.
Contact us at for more details.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Different variants of wool viscose mix custom rugs manufactured in india

The picture will show you how the the rug change the look when we use viscose or say artificial silk yarn in design and ground in wool.

These different variants is for you to understand better. Once we use viscose yarn or bamboo yarn or 
any other similar yarn we have the luxurious feel and look.

You can have any of the custom sizes and colours and the rug can be manufactured accordingly.
Contact us at for more details

Friday, September 11, 2015

Is your custom rug making you going naughty

I swear  these lovely carpets  and rugs can  just make u feel happy . and when in accompany of your partner make him be naughty

I am not is the happiest person when he or she is with their spouse...the trendy and beautiful rugs which are highly luxurious soft and shining makes you crazy, makes you happy that really you have something different from other in your home...

Have the rugs in your style and colour with the sizes suitable for your house and enjoy your room in best way with your spouse...and remember don't blame the extraordinary looking rug to be blamed for turning you naughty...

Contact us for more details about the style of rugs at

Monday, August 03, 2015

Carpets and rugs for master bedroom, living room

Carpets and rugs for master bedroom, living roomThere are many areas in house specially big houses which are allocated for specific purposes or say that when you design your house you mention area 1 as living room, area b as bedroom and so on.

No matter what you have laid on the floor of your house, to decorate and give more luxurious look and feel it's always advisable to go with a beautiful rug. This beautiful rug for each area may in your colour and design as per your imagination.

As a manufacturers of carpets and rugs we have many designs where you can see how those designs can be used in your existing frame work. Or else you may also provide with all your information and details of the rugs you are looking for.

You can easily customise your rugs in wool silk or any other yarn in any design and colour of your choice.

If you wish to have any information or details please contact us at

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bamboo silk rugs for villas, penthouse

Bamboo silk is the best option for giving rug a luxurious look and feel.
Bamboo silk rugs for villas, penthouse
There are many yarns available in market and are being used in making the carepts and rugs. 
Most of them looks same and one cannot trace whether yarn is being used or bamboo silk or original silk has been used. One get aware after using a span of time...

Bamboo silk is most admired yarn for making high end rugs which are in demand for villas or penthouse or such other high places...these can be made in many colours and sizes as per the client demands. 

We also made in past huge size oversize rugs on bamboo silk.

If you wish to have any questions about the bamboo silk carpets and rugs you may email us at

Saturday, August 01, 2015

How fendi and other high end rugs are made

How fendi and other high end rugs are made

How fendi and other high end rugs are made
Do you know and curious as to how fendi and other high end designer rugs are made? Or say how these rugs will look like when they are manufactured?

These high end luxurious rugs are handmade mostly hand-tufted. The most appropriate is Base or ground in wool and design in silk...
There are many variations in fendi or other kinds.  Say wool wool, wool silk, silk silk...
Here are the images showing details.

Contact us at for more details

Friday, July 10, 2015

Custom rugs and carpets manufactured in india

Custom rugs and carpets manufactured in india

There are many persons in the whole world who wish to have carpets made in their own style, in their own size and colours. Some of them get in touch with the interior designers, decorators or interior architects too, however there are also some who get direct in touch with manufacturers like us and with their designs in their colours and sizes, we manufacture them.

Please note that these rugs and carpets may be in different pattern like            HAND-TUFTED, HAND-KNOTTED or Flat weaves or say handwoven

I dont want to make this article too complicated, because the purpose is to tell the entire world as to we can manufacturer the rugs and carpets in their design and taste.

This matter is mainly written in English, but we wish to share the same with the entire world, so that no matter you can understand english or not, you can atleast know that we are the actual manufacturers and exporters of handmade carpets and rugs. You may visit us at or can also email us at

Here is the translation of this article in other languages.:

1. Arabic
2. Chinese
3. French
4. German
5. Hebrew
6. Italian
7. japanese
8. Persian
9. russian
10. Spanish
11. Swedish
12. Turkish
13. ukranian


السجاد العرف والسجاد المصنعة في الهند

هناك العديد من الأشخاص في العالم كله الذين يرغبون في الحصول السجاد المحرز في اسلوبهم الخاص، في حجم الخاصة بهم والألوان. بعض منهم الحصول على اتصال مع مصممي الديكور الداخلي، الديكور أو مهندسي الديكور جدا، ولكن هناك أيضا بعض الذين يحصلون مباشرة على اتصال مع الشركات المصنعة مثلنا ومع مخططاتهم في الألوان والأحجام، ونحن صنعها.

يرجى ملاحظة أن هذه البسط والسجاد قد تكون في نمط مختلف مثل HAND-معنقدة، اليد معقود أو شقة ينسج أو يقول منسوجة يدويا

أنا لا أريد أن تجعل هذه المادة معقدة للغاية، وذلك لأن الغرض من ذلك هو أن نقول للعالم بأسره أن نستطيع تصنيع السجاد والسجاد في تصميمها والذوق.

تتم كتابة هذه المسألة أساسا باللغة الإنجليزية، ولكن نود أن نشارك في نفسه مع العالم بأسره، بحيث لا يهم يمكنك فهم اللغة الإنجليزية أم لا، يمكنك أن تعرف أتلست أننا المصنعين والمصدرين الفعلية من السجاد اليدوي والبسط. يمكنك زيارتنا في أو يمكن مراسلتنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني أيضا في

هنا هو ترجمة هذه المادة في لغات أخرى:

1. العربية
2. الصينية
3. الفرنسية
4. الألمانية
5. العبرية
6. الإيطالية
7. اليابانية
8. الفارسي
9. الروسية
10. الإسبانية
11. السويدية
12. التركية
13. الأوكراني










Tapis et moquettes sur mesure fabriqués en Inde

Il ya beaucoup de personnes dans le monde entier qui souhaitent avoir des tapis faits dans leur propre style, dans leur propre taille et les couleurs. Certains d'entre eux entrer en contact avec les designers d'intérieur, décorateurs ou architectes d'intérieur aussi, mais il ya aussi certains qui obtiennent directement en contact avec les fabricants comme nous et avec leurs dessins dans leurs couleurs et de tailles, nous les fabriquons.

S'il vous plaît noter que ces tapis et moquettes peuvent être en modèle différent comme la main-TOUFFETER, noué à la main ou plat tisse ou disent tissé à la main

Je ne veux pas rendre cet article trop compliqué, parce que le but est de dire au monde entier que nous pouvons au fabricant les tapis et les moquettes dans leur conception et leur goût.

Cette question est essentiellement écrit en anglais, mais nous tenons à partager le même avec le monde entier, de sorte que peu importe que vous peut comprendre l'anglais ou non, vous pouvez savoir atleast que nous sommes les fabricants et exportateurs de tapis et de tapis faits main réels. Vous pouvez nous rendre visite à ou pouvez aussi nous envoyer un courriel à

Voici la traduction de cet article dans d'autres langues .:

1. arabe
2. chinoise
3. Français
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6. italienne
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9. russe
10. espagnol
11. suédoise
12. turque
13. ukranian


Individuelle Teppiche in Indien hergestellt

Es gibt viele Menschen in der ganzen Welt, die Teppiche in ihrem eigenen Stil gemacht haben, in ihrer eigenen Größe und Farben möchten. Einige von ihnen kommen in Kontakt mit den Innenarchitekten, Dekorateure oder Innenarchitekten zu, aber es gibt auch einige, die direkten Kontakt mit Herstellern wie wir und mit ihren Entwürfen in ihren Farben und Größen zu bekommen, stellen wir ihnen.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Teppiche können in verschiedenen Muster wie handgetuftete, handgeknüpft oder flach sein webt oder sagen handwoven

Ich möchte nicht in diesem Artikel zu kompliziert zu machen, denn der Zweck ist, die ganze Welt als zu sagen, wir können Hersteller die Teppiche in ihrem Design und Geschmack.

Diese Frage ist vor allem in Englisch geschrieben, aber wir, das gleiche mit der ganzen Welt zu teilen, so dass, egal Sie Englisch verstehen oder nicht, können Sie atleast wissen, dass wir die eigentlichen Hersteller und Exporteure von handgefertigten Teppichen möchten. Sie können mit uns bei besuchen oder können uns auch eine E-Mail an

Hier ist die Übersetzung dieses Artikels in anderen Sprachen .:

1. Arabisch
2. Chinese
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11. Swedish
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13. ukranian


שטיחים מותאמים אישית ושטיחים מיוצרים בהודו

יש אנשים רבים בעולם כולו המבקשים לקבל שטיחים שנעשו בסגנון שלהם, בגודלם ובצבעים. חלק מהם ליצור קשר עם מעצבי פנים, מעצבי פנים או אדריכלי פנים מדי, עם זאת יש גם כמה שיקבלו ישיר במגע עם יצרנים כמונו ועם העיצובים שלהם בצבעים ובגדלים שלהם, אנחנו מייצרים אותם.

שים לב שהשטיחים אלה עשויים להיות בתבנית שונה כמו יד מצויצת, מסוקס-יד או שטוח שוזר או לומר ארוגים ביד

אני לא רוצה לעשות מאמר זה מסובך מדי, כי המטרה היא לספר את העולם כולו כאל שאנחנו יכולים יצרן שטיחים בעיצוב והטעם שלהם.

עניין זה נכתב בעיקר באנגלית, אבל ברצוננו לשתף אותו עם העולם כולו, כך שלא משנה אתה יכול להבין אנגלית או לא, אתה יכול atleast יודע שאנחנו היצרנים ויצואנים של שטיחים בעבודת יד הממשיים. אתה יכול לבקר אותנו ב או גם יכול לשלוח לנו ב

הנה התרגום של מאמר זה בשפות אחרות .:

1. ערבית
2. סיני
3. צרפתי
4. גרמני
5. עברית
6. איטלקי
7. יפני
8. פרסיים
9. רוסית
10. ספרדית
11. שוודי
12. תורכי
13. אוקראיני


Tappeti e tappeti personalizzati prodotti in India

Ci sono molte persone in tutto il mondo che desiderano avere i tappeti realizzati in proprio stile, nel loro dimensioni e colori. Alcuni di loro entrare in contatto con gli interior designer, arredatori e architetti d'interni troppo, ma ci sono anche alcuni che ottengono diretta in contatto con produttori come noi e con i loro disegni nei loro colori e dimensioni, li produciamo.

Si prega di notare che questi tappeti e moquette possono essere in diverse fantasie come HAND-TRAPUNTATO, annodato a mano o piatto intrecci o dire intrecciata

Non voglio fare questo articolo troppo complicato, perché lo scopo è quello di dire al mondo intero come a possibile fornitore i tappeti e moquette nella loro progettazione e gusto.

La questione è scritto principalmente in inglese, ma vogliamo condividere lo stesso con il mondo intero, in modo che non importa si può capire l'inglese o no, si può atleast sapere che noi siamo i produttori ed esportatori di tappeti fatti a mano e tappeti reali. Ci può visitare a oppure potete anche inviare a

Ecco la traduzione di questo articolo in altre lingue .:

1. Arabic
2. cinese
3. French
4. tedesco
5. ebraico
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7. giapponese
8. persiano
9. russo
10. Spagnolo
11. Swedish
12. turco
13. ukranian










فرش سفارشی و تابلو فرش تولید در هند

هستند بسیاری را در تمام جهان که مایل به تابلو فرش های ساخته شده در سبک خود را، در اندازه ها و رنگ های خود وجود دارد. برخی از آنها در تماس با طراحان داخلی، معماران داخلی و یا تزئین بیش از حد، با این حال نیز برخی از که دریافت مستقیم در تماس با تولید کنندگان مانند ما و با طرح های خود را در رنگ و اندازه آنها وجود دارد، ما آنها را ساخت.

لطفا توجه داشته باشید که این فرش و تابلو فرش ممکن است در الگوی مختلف مانند HAND-پرزی، دست گره دار و یا صاف باشد بافت و یا می گویند دست باف

من نمی خواهم به این مقاله بیش از حد پیچیده است، چرا که هدف این است که تمام جهان بگویید که به ما می توانیم تولید کننده فرش و تابلو فرش در طراحی و طعم و مزه خود را.

این ماده به طور عمده در زبان انگلیسی نوشته شده است، اما ما مایل به اشتراک گذاری همین کار را با کل جهان، به طوری که بدون توجه به شما می تواند درک زبان انگلیسی یا نه، شما حداقل می دانیم که ما تولید کنندگان واقعی و صادر کنندگان فرش و فرش دستباف. شما ممکن است ما در مراجعه و یا همچنین می توانید با ما در ایمیل

در اینجا ترجمه این مقاله به زبان های دیگر:

1. عربی
2. چینی
3. فرانسه
4. آلمان
5. عبری
6. ایتالیایی
7. ژاپنی
8. فارسی
9. روسی
10. اسپانیایی
11. سوئدی
12. ترکیه
13. اکراینی


Пользовательские ковры и ковры производятся в Индии

Есть много людей, во всем мире, которые хотят иметь ковры, сделанные в их собственном стиле, в их собственных размеров и цветов. Некоторые из них получают в контакте с дизайнерами интерьера, декораторов интерьера или архитекторов тоже, однако есть и такие, которые получают прямой контакт с производителями, как мы и их конструкций в их цветах и ​​размерах, мы производим их.

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что эти ковры и ковры могут быть в разной фактуры, как рука тафтинговые, ручной завязывают или квартира ткет или сказать ручной работы

Я не хочу, чтобы эта статья слишком сложным, потому что цель рассказать всему миру, чтобы мы можем производитель ковры и ковры в их конструкции и вкуса.

Этот вопрос в основном написаны на английском языке, но мы хотели бы поделиться то же самое с всего мира, так что независимо от того, что вы можете понять английский или нет, вы можете по крайней мере знаем, что мы фактические производители и экспортеры ручной ковров и ковровых изделий. Вы можете посетить нас в или может также напишите нам по адресу

Вот перевод этой статьи на других языках .:

1. Арабский
2. Китайский
3. Французский
4. Немецкий
5. Иврит
6. Итальянский
7. японский
8. Персидского
9. России
10. Испанский
11. Шведский
12. Турецкая
13. Украинский


Alfombras personalizadas y alfombras fabricadas en la India

Hay muchas personas en todo el mundo que desean tener alfombras hechas en su propio estilo, en su propio tamaño y colores. Algunos de ellos estar en contacto con los diseñadores de interiores, decoradores o arquitectos de interiores también, sin embargo, también hay algunos que reciben directa en contacto con fabricantes como nosotros y con sus diseños en sus colores y tamaños, nosotros los fabricamos.

Tenga en cuenta que estos tapetes y alfombras pueden estar en diferentes patrones como HAND-COPETUDO, MANO anudadas o plana teje o dicen tejida a mano

No quiero hacer este artículo demasiado complicado, porque el propósito es decirle al mundo entero que podamos fabricante los tapetes y alfombras en su diseño y buen gusto.

Este asunto está escrito principalmente en Inglés, pero queremos compartir el mismo con el mundo entero, por lo que no importa que usted puede entender Inglés o no, usted puede al menos saben que somos los fabricantes y exportadores de alfombras hechas a mano y alfombras reales. Usted nos puede visitar en o también puedes enviarnos un email a

Aquí está la traducción de este artículo en otros idiomas .:

1. Árabe
2. China
3. Francés
4. Alemán
5. hebreo
6. italiana
7. japonés
8. Pérsico
9. ruso
10. Español
11. sueca
12. Turquía
13. ucraniano

Özel kilim ve halılar india imal

Kendi boyut ve renklerde, kendi tarzında yapılan halı sahibi olmak isteyen tüm dünyada pek çok kişi vardır. Bazıları ancak bizim gibi üreticileri ile temasa ve renk ve boyutlarda kendi tasarımları ile doğrudan olsun bazı kim de vardır, çok iç mimarlar, dekoratörler ve iç mimar ile temasa biz onları üretmekteyiz.

Bu kilimler ve halılar el dokuması el sorguçlu veya Flat gibi farklı desende olabileceğini unutmayın örgülerinin veya handwoven söyle

Ben amacı biz üreticisi olabildiğince olarak tüm dünyaya anlatmak için, çünkü bu yazı çok karmaşık hale istemiyorum kendi tasarım ve tat kilim ve halılar.

Bu madde esas İngilizce yazılmış, ama biz ne olursa olsun İngilizce ya da değil, en az biz gerçek üreticileri ve el yapımı halı ve kilim ihracatçıları olduğunu biliyorsunuz anlayabiliyorum, böylece tüm dünya ile aynı paylaşmak isterim. Sen bizi ziyaret edebilir ya da ayrıca bize e-mail atabilirsiniz

İşte diğer dillerde bu makalenin çevirisidir .:

1. Arapça
2. Çin
3. Fransız
4. Alman
5. İbranice
6. İtalyan
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Користувальницькі килими і килими виробляються в Індії

Є багато людей, у всьому світі, які хочуть мати килими, зроблені в їх власному стилі, в їх власних розмірів і кольорів. Деякі з них отримують в контакті з дизайнерами інтер'єру, декораторів інтер'єру чи архітекторів теж, однак є й такі, які отримують прямий контакт з виробниками, як ми і їх конструкцій в їх кольорах і розмірах, ми виробляємо їх.

Будь ласка, зверніть увагу, що ці килими і килими можуть бути в різної фактури, як рука тафтингові, ручний зав'язують або квартира тче або сказати ручної роботи

Я не хочу, щоб ця стаття надто складним, тому що мета розповісти всьому світу, щоб ми можемо виробник килими і килими в їх конструкції і смаку.

Це питання в основному написані англійською мовою, але ми хотіли б поділитися те ж саме з усього світу, так що незалежно від того, що ви можете зрозуміти англійську чи ні, ви можете принаймні знаємо, що ми фактичні виробники та експортери ручної килимів та килимових виробів. Ви можете відвідати нас в або може також напишіть нам за адресою

Ось переклад цієї статті на інших мовах.:

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6. Італійський
7. японський
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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Versace, louis vuitton, channel and othe high brand luxury rugs

Woolen Versace rug
Woolen Versace rug

Versace, louis vuitton, channel and othe high brand luxury rugs

If you are looking for any rugs and carpets which you wish to get made with high brand logos like versace, louis vuitton, channel and such other high end luxury brand, you need a manufacturer of handmade carpet and rug, to get the same done.

Here are some of the images showing these kind of rugs :

Channel logo rug
circular rug with Channel logo
channel Logo carpet
Handmade rug with channel brand logo

versace rug
Rectangular rug with Versace Logo

Louis Vuitton rug
Round rug with Louis Vuitton logo
 For more details about these kind of rugs, you may contact us at or visit at

Friday, May 22, 2015

Luke Irwin Rugs

Luke Irwin inspired rug
Rug inspired by Luke Irwin

Luke Irwin Rugs

Long time back i was checking on internet who is Luke Irwin, then i find that he is designer getting high end hand-knotted rugs manufactured. which are mainly hand-knotted, in higher knots, in different designs as shading effect.

When we check more we find that there are many more designers who are working on similar designs like Luke Irwin!!

Luke irwin inspired custom rug
custom rug in design inspired by Luke Irwin
We were highly inspired by his designs. We being manufacturer of handmade carpets and rugs, in india, we even tried to see the pattern of these kind of rugs, as to how can we achieve the similar pattern and look...

One of the design we made is here under, which you can have the look, and make yourself confident that we can also do what is not very easy and what is VERY RARE...

the best part with us is that we can transform any design in any sizes you need. Contact us at for more details...