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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oxidised rugs and carpets in wool and bamboo silk

What are oxidised rugs? These are hand-knotted rugs made with treatment giving look like old vintage look, handmade in india.

Oxidised hand-knotted carpets
oxidised handmade carpets

OXIDISED bamboo silk rugs
oxidised rugs india

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fendi, Ralph Lauren, armani and other designer rugs

Fendi, Ralph Lauren, armani and other designer rugs

We have Seen rugs what us being designed by very high end designers like Fendi, Ralph Lauren,  Armani and others.  We have noticed following things :

1. These are extra plush rugs, thick pile

2. Made in wool base with design or pattern mostly in silk or in viscose.

3. These are mostly handmade say Hand-tufted or handknotted.

4. Not very much complicated in design but simple and stunning look.

We being manufacturers can understand these things better. Having dealing with high end designers for rugs and carpets we have always provided as to what they are looking for.

The pattern of these designer rugs are high low, loop cut and high pile. These rugs can be made in any size, any shape or so..even you can choose your own colours...

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Custom made sisal rug

Custom made sisal rug

custom made sisal rug
sisal area rug
Custom is something which is made as per your size.

Any sisal rug which is made according to you size, other than the regular sizes, as custom made. 

There are many patterns available in sisal rug. In addition to the sisal rug in natural, these are also available in many colours.

custom made sisal carpet
sisal custom rug

Colour chart for custom made sisal rug

sisal rug custom carpet

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rugs, Carpets handmade-Custom designs

 Rugs, Carpets handmade-Custom designs

For any custom design rug or carpet if you need to order, its must for a client to understand the following things before placing any orders to a manufacturer:

Shape and size of handmade carpets and rugs

One has to be very clear as to what shall be the shape and size of the rugs and carpets it is required. Check this again and again before you jump to place the order. In case of handmade sizes upto 2inches or say 5cms, in small and medium sizes and may upto 4 inches or 10 cms in huge sizes varies. When the size is determined its also important to check the shape you need. Whether it is to be rectangular, circular, square, octagon, hexagon or what shape?

Once you have decide this you should move to second step

Designs- whether contemporary or modern or Persian or traditional
This exclusively depends on the décor of the area where you wish to place the rugs and carpets, what the décor demands in that specific room or area? Whether the rug has to be traditional in look or modern or contempo

Refer to some of the designs from a manufacturer to make this issue more clear. In this you can also see the color of the rug you need. Which color it should be? Red, Cream, silver, beige, brown what color? You can specify the colour too with your design taste.

Manufacturing technique of customized handmade carpets and rugs

Hand tufted, hand knotted, or hand-woven (mostly in case of flat weave say dhurry or kelim). This depends on the taste of the client as to which weave they choose. Prices vary amongst the different technique.

Once you decide all the above, send the same to one who manufacture handmade carpets in different designs and sizes so that you can get what you are looking for. If you have any query, you may contact us at or

Date : 14th July, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

custom made rug

Custom made carpets and rugsCustom made carpets and rugs

These Custom made carpets and rugs manufacturing can be one of the following :

1.Hand tufted
2. Hand knotted
3. Hand woven

Pattern of Custom made carpets rugs

After the above decision, it is to be decide as to which pile pattern to be adopted.

1. Loop cut pile
2. Loop pile 
3. Cut pile

Pile height of Custom made carpets  rugs 

These can be ranging from 4mm till 20mm depending upon the thickness you need. If you need thick pile rugs, with luxurious pile it is around 12-14mm we recommend.

Yarn of Custom made carpets and rugs

The pile material can be indian wool, blended or newzealand wool as determined by the client.

For more details on Custom made rugs  you may contact us at