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Saturday, January 04, 2014

What are contract rugs?

What are contract rugs?

contract rugs

These are more of the ones which are made for projects. These projects may be of a hotel, villas, any resorts or any of the residential apartments. Even a bespoke or customised rugs and carpets are also being covered under this category.

These kind of contract rugs and carpets may be hand-tufted, hand-knotted or hand-woven, in wool, wool-viscose, wool-silk, linen or any other similar kind of yarn.

Depending upon the projects the qualities are determined and the rugs and carpets are manufactured and supplied accordingly.

For resorts mainly flatwoven are preferable as against thick pile woollen carpets. The thick pile carpets may be in loop pile, cut pile or mix of both.

For villas the rugs may be handtufted or handwoven like shaggy and other patterns

For hotels its almost hand-tufted or hand-knotted

For residential apartments its again handtufted.

For customised or bespoke it may be high class hand-knotted, hand-tufted or handwoven, anything, what the client feels acceptable to them.

contract carpets

If you need any more information you may contact us at or

contract area rugs

Wednesday, December 25, 2013



There are some general questions which come in mind when you look for any rug or carpet you wish to get it customised.

What do you mean by custom carpets?
Whether woolen yarn is suitable?
How can one get from a manufacturers?

custom rug in wool pile
Custom Rug in wool pile
When we define this we understand that custom carpet mean which is specially made for a particular client, in his/her requirements in terms of color, design, size and quality.

Wool as main yarn for carpet & rugs

Wool is always considered better as pile material of any rug. Even the materials are having options, some prefer wool, some says silk, some says both mix, some says hemp, some linen, all mean that each person has its own choice of making selection of pile material of the custom carpet.

Techniques of making custom carpets and rugs :

There are many varities of rugs and carpets,being manufactured. It depends on your taste. Whether you need carpets with pile or flat? Many of us have old conception of hand knotted carpets only, but these days hand tufted carpets are also doing well as compared to hand knotted, in terms of price and other issues. However if the person do not need to have carpet in pile they can go with the flat woven carpets.

Only Manufacturers for your custom carpets and rugs :

Its only a manufacturer who can give you best quality at very best prices, for your custom carpets and rug requirements, may be in wool, linen, silk or any other yarn you choose.

You can also check our website for the manufacturing facilities and can see how the rugs are made. For any query you are always welcome to send the same at

Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to order custom carpets

handmade custom carpets
Handmade Cutom carpets

We received one email as

“ Hi, I am interior designer, and would need some huge size rugs, for some of my projects, can you make them”

If you see the client have hitch or have doubt that how big size carpets can be made for their client. When these designers take the project for any place, carpet is one of the item they need to commit.

For fulfilling their commitment, we are there, we can make carpets in huge/big size, so that there should not be any problem of size, with any designs. In normal cases very dense designs or say traditional designs sometimes creates problem in weaving big size rugs, but we manage this issue as we have the special manufacturing arrangements for the same.

This means that no matter what the size is of the carpet, or the designs anyone need the same can be made, this is what being called custom carpets i.e. when you need something as per your requirement and wish to get them made.

There are more kind of email we receive like

“hi, we need some rugs to be made, how should we send you the designs and do you use any colou scheme?”

Here if you notice we always need the rug to be in any format best suitable, I always say the better you give us the things, the better you get from us. This means that the designers who wish to have the custom carpets to be made, can give designs in jpeg, pdf or other format, and we get the design transformed into carpet map, in the desired size, and accordingly we get them weaved and finished making it ready.

Regarding the colour scheme, we have many colour series with us having shades upto 640 shades or so, in wool or viscose. Viscose shade helps to match the colour for the silk or any other shinning material, and wool as wool shades. Infact the client can also provide their shades of pantone tpx or other shades and we match the rug and make for them.

Besides above some ask:

I am interested in ordering a custom made rug”

Just this much, now how can we take this enquiry to proceed? I do not know whether the client need which kind of rug? When you wish to place any order of the custom rug or carpet, you have to advise the size of the carpet, design pattern, and also some of the details of your place, to check the freight issue.

Some ask :-

“we are furniture based company, can you produce rugs with special design ?”

we say definetly yes, because we are here for this purpose only. Carpets or rugs can be made in any design, you need, if the design is very dense or intricate, we somehow filter that to make appropriate and look much clear. These companies can get the carpets made as per their designs, in wool, viscose or any other yarn they need to be made.

For any type of custom carpet you need to have, or have any queries or confusion, you are always welcome to contact us at

Hand-tufted custom rug

hand-tufted custom rug
hand-tufted custom rug

Any area rug which need to be customised is not necessarily to be made in 100% newzealand wool only, this may be in other kind of yarn also like viscose yarn, silk yarn, hemp yarn, bamboo yarn or such other different types of yarns.

All yarns used in making any rug, is based on the budget, look and feel of the client. For example when you need your rug to be soft, smooth and heavy shine, you may choose viscOse or silk. For rustic look you may opt for hemp, for soft and warm you may go for woolen yarn.

Even its not necessary that the rug which is bespoke or customised should be in one type of yarn only, it may be mix of 2 or more kind of yarns, too...the popular is wool and viscose, say ground in wool and all motifs or design in viscose/silk. Even in many case of big size rugs, where design is not required(meaning that any rug with different look, without any design), these 2 or more types of yarns are plied together and weaved...

What we mean to convey here is that different types of designs are not necessity to make any rug, even by using more than one type of yarn brings the rug to have different look, feel and better option.

The weaving of above mentioned different types can be done by hand-tufted, handloom or hand-knotted techniques.

Mostly all yarns can be used in any of these 3 techniques, to make a custom or other rug, but where the yarn is very high strength that its tough to cut, hand-tufted technique in that case is not advisable.

A beautiful, contemporary or traditional look rug is always advisable in 100% wool, not big matter in newzealand or other kind of wool having some blending of newzealand wool. These yarns other than silk yarn are mostly trendy yarn, but it should also be noted that every yarn used in manufacturing any kind of rugs have their own different properties, like linen yarn is the best in terms of life and strength when the rug is to be made for the area where high traffic is there.

There are issues where the client sitting other part of world, think how we can get our custom rug made? How will our rug look like? We have some design seen on internet, how we will get the same made into rug? The rug we have seen is small, but we need to be made in our size? How can we change the colour of rug we have seen in one store, and wish the similar rug?

These custom rugs are mainly manufactured in India, if you are sitting in any part of world no matter in USA, U.K, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, ITALY, SPAIN, FRANCE, or any other country its not a problem.

When you get direct connection with a manufacturer, one thing is sure that you will always get the best thing, in best price, in best form. The agents or retailer or wholesaler or distributor may have direct contact with the manufacturers, but nothing to worry, as you can also contact direct manufacturers of custom rugs and get your rugs made in your size, in your design, colour etc.

If you face any problem, or wish more to know about the custom rugs, you may contact us at

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hotel rugs qualifications


For supplying any rugs to hospitality industry, one has to qualify the undermentioned tests.

We have got these test done and are qualified for rugs and carpets, for hotels, villas etc.


There are some of very important tests, as per different standards, which are required to show whether the carpets qualifies the same. This is needed before we proceed with any projects. In addition to the undermentioned tests, already done on our range of carpets, there are many other tests which we can conduct on special requirments of the clients.

  1. FLAMABILITY TEST : 16 CFR, PART 1630 (FF-1-70) :

16 CFR 1630,  FF 1-70 : This tests (called small-scale ignition test or “pill test”) specifies that no more than one out of eight specimens should burn a distance of three inches from the point of ignition, when tested according to the prescribed method.  In this test conducted the Charred Area < 1”.

16 CFR 1630 : PASS


Carpet Flammability tester is used to test the effects of a small source of ignition on floorcoverings. With Hot metal nut method, BS 4790 measurement of spreading of the ignition on the sample is made to evaluate the flammability of carpet.

Hot Metal Nut test -BS 4790:1987 Mean radius of burning:  24-36mm, Class: low

C. CARPET WEAR & ABRASION TEST REPORT : IWS/TM-283 : Abrasion resistance is a property which allows a material to resist wear. When a product has abrasion resistance, it will resist erosion caused by scraping, rubbing, and other types of mechanical wear. This allows the material to retain its integrity and hold its form. This can be important when the form of a material is critical to its function, as seen when moving parts are carefully machined for maximum efficiency.

With test meathod IWS/TM-283 : 2000 it was checked and passed that the carpets supplied by us the average weight loss after 1000 rubbing cycle came 30.64mg.

The maximum limit is  70mg.

D. LIGHT FASTNESS TEST REPORT : IS 2454 : The purpose of Color fastness to light test is to determine how much the color will fade when exposed to a known light source. It is an off line quality assurance system

We get this test done as per standard of IS 2454:1985 Reaffirmed 2006. The result is 5

Light Fastness  -  Test IS 2454 : 1985 Reaffirmed 2006- Result = 5


The test method by which this test is carried out is ISO 105 E01. This method is to assess the degree of cross staining which may occur when carpets/textiles are left in contact when damp. The test measures the resistance to water of any colored carpets/textiles. This mean whether the carpet changes colour visibly when affected by water.

When the carpet has been dried after testing, any colour change is assessed against a standard grey scale from 1-5. The result in this case is  5.

Washing Fastness  -  Test ISO 105 E01- Result = 5


Dry rubbing is to check 2 issues- first when a white cotton fabric is rubber against the carpet, whether the fabric has any colour on it? Second whether the carpet colour has any change when the rubbing is done?

The above 2 checks are done with a standard grey scale from 1-5, where 5 is the best result.

Similarly there is Wet rubbing test to check the carpets tendency. This is done to see whether the carpet leave any traces on wet, white fabric, when this is rubbed against the carpets face ? or whether the carpet changes colour visibly when affected by water?

Where the above test is done any change in colour is assessed togetherwith the degree of smearing by comparing the cotton with a standard grey scale from 1-5, where 5 is the best result.

Rubbing Fastness (Dry & Wet) -  Test IS 766 - Result = 5


This test measures how well the tufts are held in  the carpet structure. This is especially important on stairs where there is a risk  of tufts being “kicked” out.

Above 10 Newton is considered very good, our tests shows  19.49 N

The tests shows the Thickness recovery as 86.4% & Compression Recovery :  75.73%, which is very good in view of the carpets to be laid for the areas 

If you have any query you may contact us at

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Customised rugs transformation

This transformation mean making the rug in the design which are very olde, like here one example of Suzoni pattern.

We have customised this rug in such a way that we have transformed the colours and designs, in the bright look into rugs.

More can be contacted at

customised transformation of design into rug
customised transformed rug

tappeti personalizzati e tappeti in diversi paesi

tappeti personalizzati e tappeti: se si desidera avere eventuali tappeti personalizzati e tappeti da effettuare in tutti i formati e disegni, e si da uno dei seguenti paesi, è possibile contattarci al

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Canada, Capo Verde, Caraibi, Isole Cayman, Repubblica Centrafricana,
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custom rugs and carpets in different countries

البسط والسجاد مخصص: إذا كنت ترغب في أن يكون أي البسط والسجاد مخصصة ليتم في أي الأحجام والتصاميم، وكنت من أي من الدول التالية، يمكنك الاتصال بنا على

أفغانستان، أفريقيا، ألبانيا، الجزائر، ساموا الأمريكية، أندورا، أنغولا، أنغيلا، القارة القطبية الجنوبية، أنتيغوا وبربودا، المملكة العربية، السعودية، الأرجنتين، أرمينيا، أروبا، آسيا، أستراليا، النمسا، أذربيجان، جزر البهاما، والبحرين، بنغلاديش، بربادوس، روسيا البيضاء، بلجيكا، بليز، بنن، برمودا، بوتان، بوليفيا، بونير، St.Eustat، سابا، البوسنة والهرسك، بوتسوانا، جزيرة بوفيت، البرازيل، المحيط الهندي البريطاني T.، جزر فيرجن البريطانية، بروني دار السلام، بلغاريا، بوركينا فاسو، بوروندي ، كمبوديا، الكاميرون، كندا، الرأس الأخضر، منطقة البحر الكاريبي، وجزر كايمان، جمهورية أفريقيا الوسطى، أمريكا الوسطى، تشاد، شيلي، الصين، جزيرة كريسماس، (كيلينغ) جزر، كولومبيا، جزر القمر، الكونغو، الكونغو، ماركا المانيا. النائب جزر كوك، كوستاريكا، كوت ديفوار، كرواتيا، كوبا، قبرص، جمهورية التشيك، الدنمارك، جيبوتي، دومينيكا، جمهورية الدومينيكان، تيمور الشرقية (تيمور الشرقية)، إكوادور، مصر، السلفادور، الاستوائية، غينيا، إريتريا، إستونيا، إثيوبيا، أوروبا، الاتحاد الأوروبي، وجزر فوكلاند (مالفيناس) وجزر فارو، فيجي، فنلندا، فرنسا، جويانا الفرنسية ، بولينيزيا الفرنسية، الفرنسية جنوب تير.، الغابون، غامبيا، جورجيا، ألمانيا، غانا، جبل طارق، اليونان، جرينلاند، وغرينادا، وغوادلوب، وغوام، غواتيمالا، غيرنسي وألدرني، جويانا، الفرنسية، غينيا، غينيا بيساو، غينيا، الاستوائية، غيانا، هايتي، هيرد وماكدونالد. (AU)، الكرسي الرسولي (الفاتيكان)، هندوراس، هونغ كونغ، (الصين)، المجر، ايسلندا، إندونيسيا، إيران، الجمهورية الإسلامية من العراق، ايرلندا، اسرائيل، ايطاليا، العاج الساحل (كوت ديفوار)، جامايكا، اليابان، جيرسي، الأردن، كازاخستان، كينيا، كيريباتي، كوريا ماركا المانيا. النائب الشعبية، كوريا، (جنوب) جمهورية كوسوفو، الكويت، قيرغيزستان، Democ لاو الشعبية. النائب، لاتفيا، لبنان، ليسوتو، ليبيريا، الجماهيرية العربية الليبية، ليختنشتاين، ليتوانيا، لوكسمبورغ، ماكاو، (الصين)، مقدونيا، TFYR، مدغشقر، ملاوي، ماليزيا، جزر المالديف، مالي، مالطا، Man، جزيرة جزر مارشال، مارتينيك (بالفرنسية)، موريتانيا، موريشيوس، مايوت (فرنسا)، المكسيك وميكرونيزيا، وبنك الاحتياطي الفيدرالي. دول الشرق الأوسط، مولدوفا، جمهورية موناكو، منغوليا، الجبل الأسود، ومونتسيرات، والمغرب وموزامبيق وميانمار (بورما سابقا-)، ناميبيا ناورو، نيبال، هولندا، جزر الأنتيل الهولندية، كاليدونيا الجديدة ونيوزيلندا، نيكاراغوا، النيجر، نيجيريا، نيوي، جزيرة نورفولك، أمريكا الشمالية، وجزر ماريانا الشمالية، والنرويج، وأوقيانوسيا، عمان، باكستان، بالاو، الأراضي الفلسطينية، بنما، بابوا غينيا الجديدة، باراغواي، بيرو، الفلبين، جزيرة بيتكيرن، بولندا، البرتغال، بورتوريكو، قطر، ريونيون (FR)، رومانيا، روسيا (الروسية فدان)، رواندا الصحراء، الغربية سانت بارتيليمي (FR) سانت هيلينا (المملكة المتحدة) سانت كيتس ونيفيس سانت لوسيا سانت مارتن (FR) S بيار وميكلون (FR) S فنسنت وجزر غرينادين ساموا سان مارينو ساو تومي وبرينسيبي العربية السعودية السنغال صربيا سيشيل سيراليون سنغافورة سلوفاكيا سلوفينيا جزر سليمان الصومال جنوب أفريقيا أمريكا الجنوبية S.George وS.Sandwich جنوب السودان إسبانيا سري لانكا (السابقين Ceilan) سودان سورينام سفالبارد وجان مايان هل. سوازيلاند السويد سويسرا الجمهورية العربية السورية تايوان طاجيكستان تنزانيا، الولايات المتحدة من النائب تايلاند تيمور ليشتي (تيمور الشرقية) توغو توكيلاو تونغا ترينيداد وتوباجو تونس تركيا تركمانستان تركس وكايكوس. توفالو أوغندا أوكرانيا الإمارات العربية المتحدة المملكة المتحدة الولايات المتحدة الولايات المتحدة البعيدة الصغيرة البريطا. أوروغواي أوزبكستان فانواتو الفاتيكان (الكرسي الرسولي) فنزويلا فييت نام جزر العذراء البريطانية جزر العذراء الأميركية، واليس وفوتونا الصحراء الغربية يمني زامبيا زيمبابوي

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manufacturer of hotel rugs

When hotel need the rugs for living room, guest room, lobby or such other areas, they search for the actual manufacturers.

There are many traders and suppliers who are not the actual manufacturers and who do not convey the exact requirements of hotels rugs, due to the margins, result of this ? the hotels pays the money but do not get the actual quality what they deserve.

Here we, as manufacturers of hotel carpets and rugs, plays important role. The hotels should contact with the manufacturers only directly and inform their requirements and we assure to provide the best quality and rates, as we are not trader...

If you have any queries for your need of hotel carpets and rugs you may always contact exact manufacturers like us at

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Carpets or rugs required for hotel has to be carefully choosen.

There are many different types of manufacturers, mainly in india, who manufacture the rugs and carpets. It should be very carefully noted that apparantly it may look the same rug, but technically it is different.

It may therefore be noted that when any hotel needs rugs and carpets, they should make the selection properly.

Every good hotels have requirement for rugs with technical specification sheet. It may be noted that these specifications have to be followed, but sometimes we have seen that they are copied, i mean that it should always be seen that the specifications always depend on project to project, the area where the hotel is located, whether it is somewhere where it is cold, hot or having good moisture?

So first issue is that the proper selection of rugs/carpets are to be made in view of the location of the hotel or more preciously say climatic condition.

Being intensive knowledge as manufacturers of rugs, we can suggest you with different options.

You may write us at for more details.